Spend time on things that matter

There are men who always put their keys at the same spot. Make gut calls. Know the shortcuts. Nutribullet their breakfast.

And still pause to enjoy the light of the golden hour. Relishes crisp green salads and freshly squeezed juices. And steaks marbled with fat and good scotch whiskey. Watches TED Talks for kicks. Jogged a little to get fit and now runs marathons. Who can recall their favourite lines from Kipling’s “If”.

Who take care of their people. Spends Sunday morning drinking pretend tea and taking orders from a princess. Drops clothing at Hospice every winter. Lists friendship as a key priority in life. Adds Boxer to that list. Drops everything to bail his nephew out of jail for smashing his dad’s car in a DUI. Know where his wife left her car keys. And where her g spot is.

Who work hard. Batch tasks. Hold five minute meetings. Work with smart people. Delegate. Happily spend time shooting the breeze to build goodwill and trust. Who work for the purpose more than the profit.

Everman is a brand for these men. Professional men who need efficiency without compromising on quality so that they can spend more time on things that matter. Because our clothes are classic essentials that never change, we’re not only able to perfect the quality of our garments, we also make style effortless for you. Add to this the very best online shopping experience and we’re sure to see you come back time and again to restock your smart wardrobe with Everman. Find out more about our design philosophy here.


100% two-ply cotton with rare design details


98% cotton 2% Elastane twill
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