Quality classic essentials that never change

Let the world of fashion go pug itself. Men appreciate good quality and well designed clothes, but we don’t like jumping through hoops to get it.

They offer us never ending new trends, unreliable quality, size stock issues, shopping mall mayhem and skinny jeans. Skinny jeans! Here’s the thing: men are typically solution driven and we’ve solved clothes. We have a brilliant tradition of classic etiquette and functional design that has made dressing well simple and easy. Of course, there should always be room for original design and the occasional flare, but not all the time, and certainly not at the expense of our tried and tested essentials we’ve come to depend on. 

“You look so manly in those skinny jeans!” said no one ever.

Following our key principles of classic men’s style and functional design, backed up by top quality fabrics and craftsmanship, Everman aims to make the perfect essential garments for a man’s wardrobe. Furthermore, part of Everman’s strategy is to keep your wardrobe smart and efficient. We want you to be able to pair up almost any of our garments into a well matched outfit with ease.

This is how Everman is creating an alternative from the all too often ridiculous world of superficial fashion – quality classic essentials that never change. For the utilitarian man who hates shopping and prefers to spend his time on things that matter. Read more on our company philosophy and why we’re doing this here.


100% two-ply cotton with rare design details


98% cotton 2% Elastane twill
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