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Grey Chinos


Chinos are undeniably a wardrobe’s best friend. See below how we have gone about making the perfect pair.

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Chinos are a man’s wardrobe’s best friend. They are among the most reliable and versatile of men’s pants. They can be dressed down for weekends or dressed up for casual business. Following our key principles of classic style and functional design, we have worked to make the the perfect chinos.



James Bond once said “A man’s chinos should fit him like the naked body of a sleeping beauty gently wrapped around you while you're reading the paper in bed in the morning.” It's possible that it is a fictitious quote, but if 007 did have something to say about chinos, that would probably have been it. He would have meant that your chinos should not cling or billow. Instead it should gently follow the contours of your body to create a clean, simple line to give you the most flattering and comfortable fit. Our Lean Build Fit and Sturdy Build Fit are altered based on this principle of classic style to suit each body type. As a guide, note that our model’s build is considered to be more on the lean side. If this is your first Everman chinos and you’re unsure which fit to go for, order both to try on at home and keep the one you want. We have a free return policy.

Our chinos have a standard rise and curved waistband so that they match the natural shape of your waist and sit comfortably on your hips.

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Our chino fabric is made up of 98% Cotton Twil (32x10 construction) with 2% Elastane. In our research of what makes the perfect chinos, adding 2% Elastane was a case of where functionality trumped classic. Just 2% Elastane give the chinos a very useful stretch that does wonders for comfort and movement. At 255g p/m weight it’s heavy enough to hold its shape, but light enough to wear in summer weather. We’ve finished it off with a light brush to give the fabric a luxurious softness to touch.


Part of Everman’s strategy is to keep your wardrobe smart and efficient. We want you to pair up almost any of our garments into a well matched outfit with ease. Colour plays a big part in this. We launched our range of clothing with colours that work well together, and that works well in business etiquette.

Additional information

Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 40.5 × 28.5 × 9 cm

Weave: Twill
Composition: 98% Cotton 2% Elastane
Construction: 32×10
Thickness: 255 grams
Finish: brushed


805mm Inseam
Curved waistband
Standard rise
Two back welt pockets with buttons and button loops
High quality resin buttons


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