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White Dress Shirt


What’s worse than being caught with your pants down? See below how we have gone about making the perfect men’s dress shirt.

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The only thing worse than being caught with your pants down, is being caught with your pants down while wearing your bottom-of-the-drawer dress shirt. Following our key principles of classic style and functional design, we have made the perfect white dress shirt.


Perfect fit

Charlie Chaplin wore clothes that were too big for him. He was a comic genius who had his reasons. Too many older men make the mistake of wearing dress shirts so large they bellow like tents, and too many young men wear them so tight that they’re popping out of the seams. The best practice is to wear a dress shirt that complement your figure regardless of your shape and size. The perfect fit will follow the contours of your body to create a clean, simple line without bellowing or stretching. Everman’s Lean Build Fit and Sturdy Build Fit dress shirt has been designed on this principle to give you the most flattering and comfortable fit. Furthermore, the side pleats adds comfort in movement and visual structure to your posture. Hugo is wearing a Lean Build Fit dress shirt in these pictures. Click here for detailed info on our fits, sizes and measuring guide.

If this is your first Everman dress shirt and you’re unsure which fit to go for, order both to try on at home, keep the one you want and send the other back. We have a free return policy.

Quality fabric

If you’re into extravagant dress shirts to match your purple velvet jacket and pointy leather shoes, then this dress shirt is not for you. This superior quality 80's Two Ply Pinpoint Oxford Cloth - woven especially for Everman - is classy, yes, but it’s also the masculine and durable choice of dress shirt fabrics. It’s not shiny like twill, but not as flat as broadcloth. It holds its shape beautifully without being too stiff. It drapes nicely without being droopy. And best of all, it has a lightly textured weave that gives it its ruggedness up close. No wonder it’s the most popular fabric for the business environment.

No "easy iron" treatment has yet been developed that lasts longer than a limited amount of washes. As soon as it does, we'll look into it.


Part of Everman’s strategy is to keep your wardrobe smart and efficient. We want you to pair up almost any of our garments into a well matched outfit for the day with ease. Colour plays a big part in this. We launched our range of clothing with colours that work well on most skin tones, that work well together, and that works well in business etiquette. If this saves you the time to have a second cup of coffee with your wife in the mornings, then we’ve done our job.

English Spread Collar

The nuances in dress shirt collar design has a surprising impact on the dress shirt’s look, and the different types are endless. Cutaway Collars, Straight Point Collars, President Collars, Franklin Collars... the list goes on until it’s almost absurd. There is however a reliable classic - The English Spread collar. The spread is not too wide, the point is not too long, the collar band is not too fat. It can handle large and small tie-knots easily, it looks good unbuttoned, and it frames thin and wider faces equally well. We have used the very best interlining, expertly applied, to fuse the collar to hold its shape and ensure durability, backed-up with removable collar stays.

Barrel Cuff

Liberal vs conservative. Creationist vs evolutionist. Ali vs Foreman. Barrel cuff vs French cuff. With some things in life you’re simply compelled to pick a side. The Everman dress shirt remains true the principles of classic functional design and sides with barrel cuffs. Besides its honest aesthetic, it’s simply much easier to fasten. Our cuff is fused to match the collar and placket, with side-by-side buttons to make room for a watch, and a small sleeve button to prevent flaring. For the record, Ali wore barrel cuffs.

Split yoke

A split yoke at 45° allows for stretch and movement in the shoulders. This is because it takes advantage of the fact that high quality cotton fabric only stretches diagonally, but not vertically or horizontally. It also gives a cleaner aesthetic in a patterned dress shirt by aligning the pattern at the join of the sleeve with the shoulder. In short, it allows you to look your best while winning at paperball cricket in the office on Friday afternoons.

Fused placket

The Fused Placket. Some cool kids are wearing the French front (placketless) dress shirt these days. We don’t mind them all that much, but they certainly do seem a little cheap and spineless (ambiguity intended). Placketed shirts have a classic aesthetic and look great when wearing the shirt without a tie too. That's because the placket (the fabric strip down the front of a dress shirt) acts like a spine and helps the shirt retain its shape and symmetry, particularly if it is reinforced with fusing as our dress shirt are.

Long hem

That pain-in-the-neck dress shirt you battle with all day in a tuck-in tuck-out duel? Its hem is too short. Its designer probably made it so that you can wear it untucked when you like. This is a fine idea with casual shirts and straight hems, but we like our dress shirt long enough to remain tucked in all day, rounded at the front and back to make tucking in easier.

French seams

If the devil is in the detail, then our single needle French side seams are pure couture evil. It takes a seamster twice as long, but compared to the common double stitch, it has much less visible stitching, it looks neater inside and out, it does not bubble and pucker nearly as much, and it’s more durable - making it entirely worth it.

Shank button

Our buttons are of a high quality, crack resistant plastic resin - standard but perfect. The magic however, is in our shank. If you’ve read all the way to this point, then you’re obviously the kind of man who enjoys the details, and dog garnit are you going to love this! Our research into what makes the perfect dress shirt lead us to new Swiss technology called Ascolite Button Shanks. To put it into perspective, in the world of classy buttons, this discovery is the equivalent of Wilbur and Orville’s discovery of the aerodynamic propeller. Using a specialised machine, a shank button is sewn on with tension in the thread that contains an elastic filament, which is then sealed by thermo-fusion.  It gives the button three key advantages: long term durability, ease-of-use and neatness. No more buttons loosening over time and falling off, no more scrappy loose ends, and no more hassle buttoning your buttons. Eat dirt White Stripes.


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Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 40.5 × 28.5 × 9 cm
Shirt Size (by collar)

38cm / 15in, 39cm / 15½in, 41cm / 16in, 42cm / 16½in, 43cm / 17in, 44cm / 17½in, 46cm / 18in


Lean Build Fit, Sturdy Build Fit


Weave: Pinpoint Oxford
100% Cotton
Construction: 80's 2-ply
Weight: 129 g/m² (medium weight)
Finish: Non shiny


English Spread Collar
Front placket
Split Yoke
French seams
Side pleats
Barrel Cuff with double vertical buttons
Shanked buttons of high quality resin
Long curved hem


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